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Complete Rib Cooker for Gas Grills

Just 2 Hours to Awesome BBQ Ribs!

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The best ribs you’ll ever cook


We Have The Formula To Perfect BBQ Ribs




Clean & Prep with our “Rub the Ribs” spices or your favorite


“Ribalize” UNcovered in
closed grill
45 minutes


“Ribalize” covered in
closed grill
1 hour 15 minutes

Ribalizer…Ribs and a Whole Lot More

Spend your day
watching the game
instead of the grill

Now with the new Ribalizer rib cooker, you can skip the messy hassle of boiling, baking or all-day smoking, and still get those tender smoky ribs you crave.

Perfect ribs, first time, every time!



WarningThe Ribalizer is designed to use specifically with a gas grill.
Just follow the instructions for “the best ribs you’ll ever cook.”


What is The Ribalizer?


Ribalizer Rack

Ribalizer Meat Separator


The New BBQ Rib Cooker For Gas Grills!

For a party or just the family
Cook up to six racks of ribs for a big group or just one or two racks for the family.

Easy clean-up
High-quality metal Ribalizer rack and meat separator are durable and dishwasher safe.
Pans are disposable.

Replaceable, Standard Size Steam Pans
After cooking, just toss out the bottom pan with drippings and liquid. Rinse and reuse the top pan if you like. Four pans are included.


What People Say About The Ribalizer


Our Customers LOVE their Ribalizers!


“Tender”    “The best ever”    “Genius”    “Easy”    “Awesome”…



“The Ribalizer produces ribs that are tender, yet firm, with a definite crusted surface. The meat holds to the bone, but comes away clean when you bite. It’s easy to use and can produce up to six racks of ribs in just two hours.”
Derrick Riches, author and host of the popular About Barbecues & Grilling site (

“I LOVE IT!!! My wife loves it!!! And the fact that it fits normal sized steam pans – Perfect!!! I can’t wait to show it off…”
Garrick Spanky Parker, NYC Caterer

“I bought a Ribalizer at the NM Pork ‘n Brew. I have used it several times and love the way it works. I am getting racks of ribs that are tender and evenly done every time. I have to tell you as a completion cook this just upped my game. And the Ribalizer has cut 1 to 2 hours off my cook time. Thanks for a great product.”
Mark “Grandpa,” Grandpas Smokehouse BBQ Team

Two hours later, ribs cooked to perfection. Mark you’re a genius! If you haven’t bought one yet, it’s the best money you’ll ever spend! Grilling made easy. A RIBALIZER Revolution!
- Howard Bell
Another perfect night with the Ribalizer. It just doesn’t get any better or easier. If you don’t have one, just buy one.
- Justin Finestone
The Ribalizer is the effing bomb for cooking ribs!!! I’ve been smoking ribs for over a decade. This thing makes ribs like nothing in comparison. Worth every penny and cleanup took less than five minutes. Well done!!!!
- Brian Gower
First time using my new RIBALIZER. Was so easy and fast. Best ribs I have made!
- Erik Naso
My Ribalizer came today and I made 2 racks, they came out great!
- Christopher Domagala
Ribalized some chicken today. Had family over and the verdict was AWESOME!
- Tim Pickel
Thanks to the Ribalizer, Mother’s Day dinner was a success!
- Maureen Hainlen

Tell us why you LOVE your Ribalizer below!


Create The Tastiest Ribs Imaginable

Ribalizer Features

  • Chrome nickel-plated metal rack and removable meat separator
  • Holds up to six racks of ribs or multiple pieces of meat or chicken
  • Four standard size aluminum steam pans included
  • Instructions include photos of easy steps
  • Recipes, cooking tips and helpful BBQ resources included
  • Measures 21”L x 13”W x 7”H when fully assembled





Ribalizer Warnings


Do not use the Ribalizer on an open fire.
Ribalizer was designed for the controlled and continuous heat source provided from a gas grill.
No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied with the use of the Ribalizer.


Warning, using Ribalizer, like any cookware product, involves handling hot materials.

Exercise caution and common sense.


  • Always use grill gloves or pot holders, and keep your face away from steam or heat.
  • Do not carry Ribalizer loaded with meat as the pans are not intended to handle the weight of the meat and any
    associated cooking liquids.
  • Be sure to load the meat into the Ribalizer only after the Ribalizer is securely on the gas grill. Once cooking is
    completed, remove meat from Ribalizer and place in serving pan, platter or on cutting board, while leaving the
    Ribalizer, and the pan with the liquids on the grill until fully cooled.
  • And when handling raw meat products as always wash your hands frequently to avoid cross contamination.



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