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Ribalizer Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey Time Again!


The Ribalizer Crew put together an amazing video on how to get the best Thanksgiving turkey on the grill. I have said this before, I am not a big turkey kinda’ guy (well maybe I kinda’ am now)!  “Ribalizing” a Thanksgiving turkey on the grill is easy and the smokey flavor you get when you ribalize is a great way to improve a plain bird.  Watch our video for the best Thanksgiving turkey recipe ever!  We cover all the basics for making “fall-apart-tender” Thanksgiving turkey on the grill.

You should put you own spin on it to make it your best Thanksgiving turkey. Here are some tricks on how to take this basic recipe and add even more flavor:


  • Mix your spices and herbs with butter and make a paste.  Smear the paste all over the turkey and add some of that stuff up under the skin. This is a great way to boost the flavor even more.


  • Take it one step further and make a bourbon butter baste with the spices and herbs and hit the turkey with that baste when you start and then again halfway through the first 45 minutes.  Then do it again before you cover it for the last hour and a half.  To finish remove the top pan at the end of the final cooking time, then baste a few more times for about 10 minutes. Now you’ve got the best Thanksgiving turkey ever.


  • Check out our printable recipe here for even more ideas, like adding onions and celery to the liquid in the pan.


Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!


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